Indigenous Established Infoshop in Flagstaff, AZ – Anti-colonial & Anti-capitalist Community Space

IAC Workshops

Indigenous Anarchist Convergence

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All Colonizers Are Bastards: Towards a World Without Prisons or Police

1h 15m | Open discussion

From community response networks that intervene in ICE raids, to transformative and restorative justice practices, this will be a facilitated discussion for participants to share stories and practical actions for a world without prisons or police.


Autonomous Organizing Against Borders 

1h 30m | Presenters: Alejandra (organizer in Kinlani/Flagstaff), Lola (organizer from occupied Tataviam land), Contra Viento y Marea, Tornillo the Occupation, Hecate Society, Casa Carmelita, Food not Walls and No Más Muertes/No More Deaths

This is a necessary discussion and presentation if you have been asking yourself How do I support border resistance? What is it like on our southern border dealing face to face with the imperial machine? How do I get involved? What is going on? 

Representatives from the Border Resistance Tour will provide first hand accounts from QTBIPOC grassroots organizers about the last 8 months of Direct Action and Mutual Aide in the Border towns of Juarez/El Paso and Tijuana/SanDiego.

This will be broad and strategic discussion on how folks can plug into work that is actually working towards dismantling concentration camps and US-funded genocide.


Another World is Possible: an Indigenous Governing Council and Zapatista Proposal

1h 30m | Presented by the Semillero Collective

This workshop deconstructs Indigenous Philosophy and practice. We discuss the importance of an Indigenous concentrated approach to organizing and autonomous living vs. the western, liberal lens that often co-opts movements for liberation and continues to replicate colonized standards and norms. We center our conversation around collective resistance and our natural inheritance to the land.


Autonomous Foods & Medicine

1h | Presented by Rez Family Farms/Red Ink

This workshop will help Indigenous peoples to better understand how to interact with their own landscapes to harvest foods and medicine. We will address how to safely approach working with the landscape, responsible food and medicine harvesting, and sharing both stories and samples of foods/medicines.


Autonomously & With Conviction: A Metis Refusal of State-led Reconciliation

1h | 
Jaydene/The Tower Anarchist Social Space

This workshop will address Canadian state-led reconciliation, why it’s fucked up to support it, and why anarchism holds the only true solution for decolonization.


Against Settler Colonial Politics

1h 30m | Presenters: Little Black Cart crew & TBA

This is a discussion for those who revel in rousing leftist tensions. A good space to attack Marxism and other European leftist ideologies, a bad space for people who vote and think politicians will save them.


BIPOC, Geographies of Struggle, & the Relevance of Decolonial Anarchy

1h 45m | La Selva Collective

This workshop session will be held with a few members of a new decolonial anarchist media and writing collective called La Selva. Part of the workshop will be devoted to an introduction to the group, as to why they felt the need to organize as a group and produce content they feel is missing in the broader revolutionary sphere. Another part of the workshop will be a small presentation on the possibilities of spatial struggles outside of the metropolis, and into racially and economically marginalized spaces where few efforts are rooted in. This will then transition into a wider discussion facilitated by the collective on questions pertaining to the moment and needs for action.


Harm Reduction for the Community

1h | Presented by Sonoran Prevention Works

Marginalized communities have been disproportionately impacted by the drug war and have fewer resources to treat Substance Use Disorder and blood-borne diseases like HIV and Hepatitis. We must often be our own first responders, so overdose recognition and response are critical, life-saving skills. In this workshop we’ll discuss stigma and harm reduction strategies to minimize the negative consequences associated with substance use, how to support our relatives struggling with addiction, and learn how to use naloxone to reverse opioid overdoses. Participants will receive free naloxone and fentanyl testing kits.  


Locating an Indigenous Anarchism 

2h 30m | Panelists: Aragorn!, Chris Finley, Louise Benally, and more TBA.

What is meant, and what is not meant, when we assert “Indigenous Anarchism?” 

This panel will be initiated by Aragorn! who wrote Locating an Indigenous Anarchism in 2005, it was one of the first pieces of writing that articulated an Indigenous Anarchism. 

Chris Finley will offer perspectives on Indigenous Anarchism from a queer Indigenous feminist position.

Louise Benally will offer her perspectives as a Diné freedom fighter from Sovereign Diné Nation/Big Mountain.


O’odham Anti Border Collective

1hr 15m | Presenters: Amrah Salomon, Victor Garcia, Amber Ortega, Nellie Jo David


O’odham continue to maintain connections despite ongoing occupation, borders, and barriers on our traditional homeland. We discuss the border wall crossing O’odham territory, the settler colonialism of DHS, checkpoints, walls, towers, and the encroachment of militarization. We include history, updates, poetry, and discussion.

Organizing Indigenous Radical Spaces

1h 15m | Presenters: Táala Hooghan Infoshop & Ké’ Infoshop

There are two Indigenous infoshops located in so-called Arizona, Táala Hooghan was founded in 2007, Ké’ was founded in 2017. Join collective members of these projects to explore the fun and challenges with organizing, sustaining, dealing with conflicts, strategies, and other shenanigans with these spaces. We will also be discussing a proposal for a Southwest editorial collective for Black Seed!


Smashing Hetero-Patriarchy & Anti-Colonial/Anti-Statist Responses to #MMIWG2S

1h 15m | Open discussion led by LGBTQITS

Part of the liberal response to the disproportionate violence Indigenous Womxn, girls, and two-spirits face is to create more laws and law enforcement in our communities. This panel will address more direct ways that we can fight to end sexual assault and interpersonal/gender-based violence in our communities.


Solidarity Means Action, Anti-colonial-Struggle Means Attack!

1h 40m | Open panel with Julie Richards aka MAMA Julz water protector from the Mothers Against Meth Alliance, representatives from Protect the Peaks, Haul No!, and more TBA

From Big Mountain to Palestine, Charlottesville to Ferguson, Mauna Kea to Standing Rock, the San Francisco Peaks and beyond, this is a critical discussion on meaningful solidarity, strategies and tactics, and proposals.