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STOP Snowbowl! Protest


The struggle to protect the Holy San Francisco Peaks and community health from ski resort expansion and wastewater snowmaking continues.

Although a current lawsuit filed by the Save the Peaks Coalition and community members has halted the ski business’ efforts to make sewage snow, community support is still needed.

In the face of political pressure from the State of Arizona’s Congressional Delegation, (more) the US Forest Service approved a component of the ski area’s proposed development that is not associated with snowmaking.

Regardless of the approval Snowbowl cannot currently expand due to the lawsuit.

While it is unclear as to how long the court case will stop Snowbowl from expanding and making sewer water snow, in the context of the legal battle the Obama administration is doing everything in their power to put wastewater snow on the holy San Francisco Peaks.

When the Arizona Snowbowl Ski Resort opened on Thursday, a small group of protesters held signs and banners to ensure that skiers were aware of public health threats and the desecration of the sacred mountain.

Arizona Snowbowl employees called the Forest Service and County Sheriffs in an attempt to have the protesters and others with them arrested for “trespassing” on public lands. No charges were made.

You can join us in our stand for the protection of sacred places and community health.

When: Saturday, December 19th starting at 10AM
Where: Flagstaff City Hall on the Rt. 66 side

If you can’t join us please visit for more information on what you can do to help stop Snowbowl and protect sacred places!