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Elect to End Hunger and Poverty Tour, a presentation by Keith McHenry



The Elect to End Hunger and Poverty presentation talks about the campaign to end the criminalization of poverty and how you can participate in the global protest movement against austerity! Food Not Bombs co-founder Keith McHenry will share the details of the history, principles and current activities of the movement including his work helping set up kitchens at occupations. Keith will also invite the audience to participate with their local activist groups.

Most people would elect to end hunger and poverty but many of the people running for office have another agenda, cutting social services while transferring our tax dollars to wealthy military contractors and their corporate friends. While elected officials cut social services like unemployment insurance, food stamps, education, health care and other basic necessities they are also passing laws against the poor and their supporters.

Food Not Bombs is responding to this crisis by recovering, preparing and sharing vegan meals and groceries with the hungry in nearly 1,000 communities. This presentation will inspire you and your friends to join the Food Not Bombs movement and help our dedicated volunteers organize, implement and feed the global campaign to end hunger and poverty. You can make a difference!

Food Not Bombs started in 1980 when eight college aged activists dressed as generals and started holding bake sales pretending to buy a bomber. Thirty years later Food Not Bombs continues to encourage the redirection of our resources from the military towards human needs.


Where: Taala Hooghan Infoshop (1704 N 2nd St)

When: 7P, December 15th 2011